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s and fruits, you can hardly name any product of our gardens and orchards that they did not have before them. For drinks they had American wines, American beer, American cide

r, and, besides, they had honey just out o


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f the comb that astonished everybody with its freshness. All who were present pronounced the dinner as good as any they had ever eaten, and it made them feel very patriotic t

o think that everything came from home.


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"You can hardly go anywhere in the world where there is an approach to civilization without finding our canned goods, as the merchants call them. They are widely known and a

ppreciated, and well deserve the reputatio

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n they bear." This conversation went on while the party were engaged in the consumption of the dinner, and the presence of many of the things named gav

e it an additional point. When they were t

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hrough dinner, they took a short period of lounging on the veranda, and soon retired to rest. We can be sure they slept well, for they had had a long and

weary ride. They were off again early i

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n the morning, and in a little while came to the banks of a river which they were to cross. Frank looked for a bridge, and saw none; then

he looked

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for a ferry-boat, but none was visible. "Well," he said, half

to himsel

f, "I wonder how we are to get over to the


other bank." "There are the boatmen, but no boats,

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